Wayne 18/07/2016

I am a bass player but enjoy playing guitar in my studio. I wanted a quality guitar but did not want to pay for a high end instrument. This Tele fits the bill. The finish on it is top of the line and the set-up that Guitars of China did was excellent. My rep who is a guitar player recommended this model. I think any guitar player would enjoy having this instrument added to his/her arsenal.

David Hollen 18/07/2016

I just received this guitar today from Guitars of China and I am just blown away by it. As soon as I opened the box, the guitar was in mint, beautiful condition. And Guitars of China individually inspects every guitar they have so it was already playing amazing right out of the box. This guitar just sings and the finish all around the guitar is beautiful and bright. The guitar feels great in my hands and has a nice solid weight to it. The neck is so smooth and you can tell everything is high American quality which I love. I cannot even begin to describe how great Guitars of China's customer service is.

Bones 18/07/2016

This guitar sounds absolutely amazing!!!
It plays unbelievable as well!!!
What more can I say other than it was worth the wait. The price was perfect as well.

Vic 18/07/2016

Love it! Better than expected. Sounds and plays like I dreamed it would.
Highly recommended to anyone wanting a very nice Telecaster!

Jason 18/07/2016

Plays like a charm and shipped a day earlier than expected. Great customer service and followup by Guitars of China to ensure a great ordering experience.