Terranisha 06/07/2016

I had a limited budget and needed a guitar to keep with me at all times for practice. I was specifically buy Antique White PRS S2 Custom 24 guitar because i was willing to settle for a boxy or tinny tone if the guitar sounded good and looked good.

Wade 06/07/2016

A show piece that you lock away in display case hoping that it will be worth a fortune in 20 years that you had to sell your first born to buy it today.All in all, this is the best guitar for the money.

Caesar 06/07/2016

So if you want all the tonal power of a made Antique White PRS S2 Custom 24 at a valuable price...please.Don't pass up this monster.....by the way mine is scarlet red with amazing book matched flame Really beautiful.....

NATHANIEL 06/07/2016

The inlay end neck is cool, the tremolo works perfectly.The pick guitar of china a very broad tonal palette with full warm tone Playability is comfortable and fast...Antique White PRS S2 Custom 24 basically eliminate all the non sound contributing aspects and what comes out.Is a guitar of china made in their Marylamd plant by the same artisans that make the core line.

harley 06/07/2016

Antique White PRS S2 Custom 24 guitars have something I've always loved and that is the articulation Each string yields. There is a great separation to sound ...The build quality is stunning....The neck is the perfect carve for all types of playing....from jazz to rock to metal.