Richard 28/06/2016

My name is Jon Hand. Ive played guitar since I was 11 years old. Ive had my hands on thousands of guitars priced high and low. I've had ovations, Gibson, takaminies ect.. all the name brands. The Martin 0000-28H is an amazing guitar.This is one guitar that Ill never let go. Very impressed with the action and the ring..

Brian Harris 28/06/2016

Martin 0000-28H is a great guitar; what can I say, ?Perfect deal?. I tried many guitars of its range (Ex: Yamaha FG700S, FS700S, FG730 and etc), but Martin 0000-28H is by far better than everything on its range. It looks really nice in real and the tone is brilliant for its range. My brother, who has a Martin 00015, was surprised with the tone, just amazing. But, you do have to lower the action a little bit. If you?re a beginner, traveler or even a professional, this is one of the best you can buy for its range. It looks and sounds more than its value (maybe few hundreds more). Go for it, you won?t regret it.

Noah Reichner 28/06/2016

I'm so glad i decided to try it out instead of being a jerk about not getting what it wanted. I love my Martin 0000-28H and if you're thinking of getting this guitar i would highly recommend it. It just sounds great, stays in tune, its easy to play, and every time I play, it seems that the sound gets better and better.

Jonathan 28/06/2016

This guitar has a great warm sound, but also has a robust sound, it really jumps out there. I needed a guitar that I could just grab and work on my writing. When you play a certain chord, it sounds like that chord right away. This Martin 0000-28H also stays in tune for a long time.It fits me great, well built, solid, and looks great. You would not go wrong in this investment.

Noah Reichner 28/06/2016

Easy to use while learning to play.