Floyd Raines 30/06/2016

I was amazed at the quality of this instrument. I have 11 other guitars, some of which were quite expensive. The new Hummingbird is very possibly the finest guitar I've owned in my 53 year music career. No doubt, I will be selling, at least, most of my other guitars. The Hummingbird has become my #1 instrument in all my Church work & all the other programs I do in my Christian Ministry.

Kari Shaffer 30/06/2016

I contemplated this pruchase for several months, and then in May I really got serious. After reading several reviews of previous purchasers of the Hummingbird, I jumpd in and made the buy. It feels great in mmy hands and plys very well. It has awesome intonation. I can bar cord the crap out of the guitar and all the cords are right on. One of the best acouistic guitars I've played, especially for the price. I love the look, too. One of the best guitar buys I've made.

Pete Boudreau 30/06/2016

got my hummingbird and its everything I want in a guitar.first off, this guitar is absolutely beautiful.it came with nice tight "grover" tuners.the action is low and the sound is amazing.i am more than happy.iwill definitely order from again… I can't keep my hands off of it, love playing it.

Pete B 30/06/2016

A fine high-quality instrument, with smooth sweet brassy highlights in tone, and spectacular workmanship throughout. I lowered the saddle slightly on the treble side, and the straight neck and profoundly even fretwork by Hummingbird allow super low action free of buzzings. With Xlite gauge D'Addario phosphor bronze strings, it is a lyrical gem for jazzy fingerpicking styles, for any kind of substantial music. Folks actually gasp with delight when the see and here the Hummingbird.

Steve Conley 30/06/2016

Got it right out of the box and it played great. I knew it was newly made so I just hung it on my wall for 3 months and let it adapt. Took it down and adjusted the neck and played. It plays like a dream! Really a fantastic Guitar for the money. Great woods, finish and sound! Great pickups/electronics as well. Plays and adjust good for live music at Church.