NIC? 14/07/2016

This is the greatest sounding Fender I have owned. Everything customized on this guitar is so well done. Nothing is overdone. The color is beautiful, the neck feels great. Even the case with the crushed blue lining is beautiful. It is a bit tin-ish, But that's to be expected with these pickups. Just move it into the parallel setting and that fixes it right up. Awesome all around

BlazerThe SlayerFreak 14/07/2016

This is my favorite guitar right now. It’s like buying a 65 Jaguar with all the aftermarket improvements and also lighter than my other Jaguar. The tremolo system is great, it never goes out of tune, the bridge is super stable, and the whole guitar sounds terrific, you can get loads of tones out of it. I rated it 4 stars because the high E string is too close to the edge and occasionally slips off, I had to adjust my way of playing, some other people had trouble with the low E, evidently the neck, which feels extremely comfortable, is a little narrow . A change of saddles is advised, but I don’t want to change anything on this guitar, I just adjusted the way I play as I said. At this price I believe Fender should’ve worked on this fact as it is pretty noticeable. A neck alignment will leave the low E close to the other edge. The goddies coming with the guitar (strap and cable) are not worth it, I haven't try the flatwounds yet. Anyway, this one is a must buy!!!!!

J.J.E. 14/07/2016


michael nix 14/07/2016

I put a red tortoise shell pick guard on it along with a Mastery Bridge and eventually a Mastery tremelo. Now it is the best guitar ever - sonically and visually. I have it hanging on the wall next to my Rickenbacker 360 (also with a Mastery bridge - and custom Lollar pickups) and it even looks better than that even though that is a tall order. I never really wanted this guitar in the first place but it will definitely be the one I keep come the revolution...

Kurtis N 14/07/2016

If you're looking for a top quality Jaguar with excellent tone, amazing build quality and a tonal landscape that is literally limitless, this is a great option at a very reasonable price. Fender has yet again produced a truly amazing guitar.