Jay.D 18/07/2016

Great guitar at very good price for the beginner that want to rock. Came with more then I expected and was a over all good experience I'll definitely buy more

Skenne 18/07/2016

I received this gorgeous guitar last week and put it through it's paces on the weekend (Fri & Sat) on the gig. As far as playability is concerned this guitar is a dream and as far as I am concerned the pickups sound authentic. Authentic enough for me and I have been playing professional for over 30 years.

It plays and sounds great and is quiet as well not to mention it looks fantastic. It plays like a dream and feels at least as good as my PRS. If you can fork out the bucks and want an authentic sounding Strat with all the modern updates this is it. The SI switching gives you additional pickup choices as well so you have 10 sounds you can use instead of 5. I also have two other Strats but this one is the best.

Mexican 18/07/2016

The sound quality is great and the bridge pickup is great for rock style music, however this guitar can do anything.

Isaac Arnett 18/07/2016

Just received this guitar this morning - took it to the guitar shop tonight and played it ... what a great experience ... sounds great - plays well ...I just love it ...

Lin Nelson 18/07/2016

The neck on this guitar makes it effortless to play. I could have bought a much more expensive guitar but this sounded great and was easy to play. Sounds great plugged into boutique amps, that's where it really shines. Either way no matter your taste give it a try.