Ben 18/07/2016

This guitar is a piece of art. It really really smooth, much attention to detail. It plays awesome and sounds awesome. Pickups are sweet and have that traditional sound.

Tom Hudson 18/07/2016

This Fender is all you will ever need. It is bright, sweet, and the sustain is wonderful. Hurry! and get yourself one.

Scott Perdue 18/07/2016

This guitar is awesome. All aspects of sound and finish were impeccable. I really love the sound. This guitar is very versatile. It was nice and light, everything was perfect with the body, you can see the attention paid to the details. I really recommend this to anyone.

Thanks for all the great service and setup. Can't wait to buy from them again!

Rob 18/07/2016

Love this guitar. The playability is superb. I love the rich, warm tone brought by the custom shop single-coil Pickups.

I have played many electric guitars and feel like I've had to fiddle with them to get them sounding right. This guitar has sounded right from the get go.

Brian 18/07/2016

Fender does a great job on these guitars. Set up well right out of the box, and the custom shop pickups sound great compared to other American standard strats I've used. As expensive as gear is these days, it's good to know you can still get a great guitar for a reasonable price.