If I could only have one guitar, this would be it.

Warlock666 14/07/2016

If you're like me and love Marr's stuff, My Bloody Valentine, This Mortal Coil, Television...etc... you will love having something so versatile that can nail those types of sounds and more.

dfritch098 14/07/2016

The tones on this guitar are very unique. Depending on what pickups you select, you can get beautiful Jaguar pristine clean, Strat like sounds, tele sounds, even the better part (in my opinion) of Rickenbacker sounds (not to downplay those instruments at all). When you play this guitar, the versatility is evident and only makes sense for my guitar hero, Mr.Marr.

BigDeezy 14/07/2016

Beautiful guitar.

sosafan021 14/07/2016

This guitar has a very good, deep, balanced sound. The finish and build quality is excellent. Guitar came setup perfect, and arrived on time.