BULK GUITAR STRINGS (48) .024 Nickel Wound Electric (D)

BULK GUITAR STRINGS (48) .024 Nickel Wound Electric (D)

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BULK GUITAR STRINGS (48) .024 Nickel Wound Electric (D)

Brand: Martin
;Product Type: strings
;Guitar String Type: electric

BULK GUITAR STRINGS (48) .024 Nickel Wound Electric (D)

Nickel Wound .024, 4th (D) Electric Extra Light Gauge Guitar Strings - 48 strings, C.F. Martin Guitar Co. (SN24)

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Offered at this auction is a bulk pack of 48 guitar strings.

Includes 48 of the following strings:
41SN24 .024 Nickel Wound 4th (D) String

Our bulk strings are manufactured by the C.F. Martin Guitar Company, founded in 1833.

These are the strings that Martin sells to guitar dealers for restringing purposes. They are the equivalent of Martin Standard Strings. They are very good quality strings, we've been selling them on our website for years and have gotten nothing but beaming feedback from our customers.

How the Strings are Packed and Shipped:
They are shipped to you the same way Martin send them to us; straight, unrolled, mint, brand new, completely undamaged. Basically, they come in a plastic container of 48 strings (sort of like a long, flexible, unrolled, blue-tinted bag). For mailing purposes, the strings are placed in a flat rectangular box, the strings forming a loose circle in the box. We have never received damaged strings from Martin in this way, and we've never received any complaint about them being received damaged by our customers -- but if that were to ever happen, we'd immediately offer a refund.

NOTE: Above image is not of the actual strings offered at this auction, but is just to give you an idea of how the strings are packaged in bulk.

Each pack contains 48 strings. They come to you in a simple plastic container, with no envelopes, pouches or fancy insert cards. Just the part you actually use - the strings.


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BULK GUITAR STRINGS (48) .024 Nickel Wound Electric (D)

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