Morales 18/07/2016

Excellent beginners guitar. Very pleased.

Sherry 18/07/2016

Very good guitar for the price. The neck has a smooth finish, that doesn't have a sticky lacquer. Also, the edges of the frets are completely smooth

GIN 18/07/2016

wow!! Great guitar. Great price. So easy to play and great sound. This is a great product at a great price

Rafal 18/07/2016

The guitar is just so beautiful! It motivates you to pick it up and just play and play :) I am very satisfied with this guitar and recommend it to all the players. I love Guitars of China :)

Rosca 18/07/2016

I am a beginning musician so I can only rate this product on a very basic level. The one I received was very nice, this is a beautiful guitar. It sounds good to me, it's easy to tune and it stays in tune for each session. I re-tune before each one. I am quite pleased with the quality of this instrument particularly for the price. Good job.