How to main a Guitar, especially Acoustic guitar (ROUGHLY)

How to main a Guitar, especially Acoustic guitar (ROUGHLY)
An acoustic guitar will follow us for quite long time ,it has witnessed our youth , our growth , so we have to take care of it , then i will talk about how to care of our guitar roughly ,more perceptual description ,but it is real knowledge.
Whether you use cheap or expensice guitar, these instruments are constructed from wood and needs maintenance and care .
Tools / materials:
Method /steps :
1.Not in the sun exposure, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause wood dry.
This is a very serious problem, once the guitar cracking ,that this guitar is basically scrapped, it usually can not be placed in contact with sunlight.
2. Avoid moisture or water . As we all know , timber will be deformed after soaking ,this guitar can also cause very serious damage, so better to put  the guitar in a dry place , preferably not on the ground, if there are water strains on the water may soak into the guitar .
3. After every practicing, use a dry cloth to wipe the strings every time , because hands sweat will lead to rust strings , over time , the strings will corrode or even break .
4.If you will not play the guitar in a long time , should loosen the strings, if the strings keep taut for long time , may lead fretboard deformation , affecting the pitch .
5. Keep the guitar clean ,always wipe the place of contact with the body .
Body grease will accumulate in the guitar body , if in a long time ,you do not clean the guitar , it will become not easy to clean , do not use alcohol when wipe the guitar , can not use corrosive liquids either.
6.Away from heating and air conditioning vents
7.Prevent bump, carry or store the guitar into a package or hardshell case .
8. Adjust the neck , seasonal temperature and humidity changes may cause a slight chance in the neck ,using a small wrench to regulate both the neck reinforced to maintain the best condition of the neck.
Treat the guitar as a part of your body , give her your love and care .
Only love guitar , you'll enhance your guitar playing level .