• Martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar

Martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar

Martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar

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Martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar

Martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar d35 hd35

Guitar Reviews about Martin d35 dreadnought acoustic guitar:

"I purchased this fine instrument recently and could not be more satisfied.Mine came equipped with the new striped ebony and bone nut and saddle. Compared to the pre-2003 models, the new D-35 sounds even better because of the bone. The quality of the guitar is top notch and feels very solid. The finish is flawless and could not get any better! If you are looking for a high end guitar to play for the rest of your life, then buy this one. Hands down, it is the most responsive and best sounding for the price.'

"I recently moved from central Arkansas to east Oklahoma&found myself in the middle of east Oklahoma's unofficial bluegrass country. I play elec. bass for several groups in the area & in some places (only acoustic), I switch over to a flat top. Several of my friends have Martins from the D35 to HD28. I was very impressed with their quality sound & the various neck configurations. After playing the above plus several other Martins, I chose the D35. I am very well pleased with this guiter.'

The Martin D-35 Dreadnought Guitar gives you unsurpassed tone.Solid Sitka spruce top produces a strong bass tone,ideal for rhythm playing.To accentuate the treble, Martin uses lighter 1/4" top braces. Binding on the East Indian rosewood back and sides and a bound ebony fretboard add to this acoustic model's distinctive appeal. 

martin d35 vs hd 35 acoustic guitar d35 hd35

Features Body

Body type:Dreadnought


Top wood:Sitka Spruce

Back & sides:Solid Indian rosewood

Bracing pattern:Non scalloped X-type

Body finish:Gloss

Orientation:Right handed


Neck shape:Low profile

Nut width:1.69" (43mm)


Neck wood:Select Hardwood

Scale length:25.4"

Number of frets:20

Guitar reviews about Martin hd35 dreadnought acoustic guitar:

"I did a lot of homework before buying this guitar,and I want to share some of that information with any potential buyers out there trying to separate facts from anecdotes. Research: I had narrowed my search to Martin d28 vs. 35, and I also considered the HD versions of each guitar. The main design difference between these models (outside of the aesthetics) is how the guitar is braced. The 28 series use 5/16 inch Sitka and the 35 series use 1/4 inch Sitka. The difference between HD and D models is that the HD models use scalloped bracing and the D models do not. Therefore, the designed flexure of the guitar body is d28 vs d35<hd28 vs hd35. One should find that objectively, loudness should follow that pattern. Tone would include other variable such as type/state of strings, the room you are playing in, and how you are playing at that time. This adds variability as every guitar and every playing circumstance can give a difference result. Woods & neck: According to Martin, all these guitars have solid Sitka spruce tops and East Indian rosewood back and sides.The neck for 28 (non V-neck) and 35 models are both listed as low profile, and have the same dimensions for nut (1 11/16 inch) and 12th fret width (2 1/8 inch). Although it did seem to me that the neck of the 35 series was slightly more slender. Also, the 35 series has binding along the neck edges, while the 28 series does not. Finally, the 28 series has the diamond detail at the head stock transition (looks like upside down ?V? in the wood) and the 35 series does not; however this is not the same as a V-neck 28! Opinion: Okay, with that out of the way, here?s my review of my HD-35 after about one month of ownership. The sound volume is amazing with excellent dynamics; the tone is crisp with clear mid-range sound while fingerpicking. If you strum it hard, this guitar really booms out like a cannon. The build quality is also amazing, with very fine attention to detail, and the 3-piece back design is beautiful. Finally, my favorite thing is that this is a very playable guitar.The factory setup was perfect for how I like to play.It plays almost as smoothly as my Strat,without fret buzz or loss of tuning up or down on the neck. This is an expensive guitar, and if you are like me you will think very carefully before buying. In my case, I can say the purchase was worth every penny.'

The HD 35 acoustic guitar combines Martin's visually striking 3-piece back design with many of the prewar features of the legendary herringbone D-28. Tonally, the guitar's rosewood back produces a strong bass, making it ideal for rhythm playing. The top is constructed of solid Sitka spruce and braced with scalloped 1/4" high-performance braces to deliver big, open tones. 


3-piece rosewood back

Solid Rosewood sides

Dreadnought body

Solid Sitka spruce top

Black and white rosette

24-fret Ebony fingerboard

Exclusive Martin bracing pattern

Herringbone top trim

White binding

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