• Martin D 45 best acoustic guitar with a case on sale

Martin D 45 best acoustic guitar with a case on sale

Martin D 45 best acoustic guitar with a case on sale

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Martin D 45 best acoustic guitar with a case on sale

There are many reasons for many acoustic guitar lovers why they love Martin d 45 so much,why the Martin d 45s d 45e retro d45v can be their lifetime dream guitar.

Now let's see why this D 45 Martin can be so precious and special.The Martin d 45 is the flagship of the iconic guitar manufacturer's Standard Series,a finely crafted masterpiece featuring premium tonewoods and hand-inlaid pearl appointments in anelegant package that represents the top-of-the-line model among Martin's standard production dreadnoughts. 

The D 45 was originally produced in 1933 at the request of singing cowboy Gene Autry, who wanted the biggest, fanciest Martin he could get,like his idol, The Singing Brakeman Jimmie Rodgers, who played an ornate, custom-ordered 000-45 model dubbed The Blue Yodel.At that time, Martin had recently begun selling the larger, more powerful dreadnought models under their own name, and this became the basis for Autry's ornately decorated signature axe. Martin first developed the dreadnought model, named in honor of the formidable WWI-era class of battleships due to its louder, more powerful design,in partnership with the Oliver Ditson music publishing company in 1916. After that company folded, Martin introduced the dreadnought, or D-model line, under their own name in 1931, and with a few refinements,this has become the standard design for the majority of steel-string acoustic guitars sold today.Because the high-end model was out of the reach of most players during the Depression years, these rare, pre-war d 45s are today among the most expensive vintage guitars on the market.Characterized by a loud, clear,well-balanced tone, the typical dreadnought features a back and sides made of mahogany or other tonewood, a solid spruce top with Martin's legendary scalloped X-bracing for superior tonal response, mahogany neck with 14 frets clear of the body (although the earliest models had 12-fret-clear necks) and 25 1/2 scale length.The different numbers in the D-series denote the level of trim or ornamentation, with the lower numbered models generally being the least decorated, and the higher numbers sporting more intricate inlays and binding. The D18,for instance,is elegantly simple in appearance, with a little single-layer binding on the top, a soundhole rosette, and dot markers on the fretboard.

The D 45,on the other hand, boasts over 900 pieces of abalone pearl inlaid around the soundhole, top, back, sides and fretboard extension, elegantly inlaid headstock and fretboard markers, and other choice appointments, depending on the specific model.The result is a stunning instrument that sounds incredible and looks even better, the cream of the crop of Martin's legendary guitar-making expertise.The Martin D45 has been the acoustic guitar of choice for legendary performers ever since Gene Autry got Back In The Saddle Again, from other country stars like Hank Williams, Sr. and Travis Tritt to rock icons Stephen Stills, David Crosby and Neil Young.Today,the d 45 is available in several configurations, including standard, vintage and Retro versions, as well as a spare-no-expense period-correct 1942 reissue, which features materials and building methods faithful to the classic pre-war models, right down to the hot hide glue used in its construction. 

Whether you're left-handed or right-handed, an old pro or a young player who demands only the best, the Martin D 45 will suit you well. It is a legend among legends - order yours today and see why.

Martin D 45 best acoustic guitar with a case on sale

Model: D-45

Construction: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint

Body Size: D-14 Fret

Top: Solid Sitka Spruce

Rosette: Style 45

Top Bracing Pattern: Standard ''X,'' Scalloped

Top Braces: Solid Sitka Spruce 5/16''

Back Material: Indian Rosewood

Back Purfling: Style 45

Side Material:Indian Rosewood

Endpiece: White Boltaron

Endpiece Inlay: Abalone with Black/White Boltaron

Binding: White Boltaron

Top Inlay Style: Abalone Pearl with Black/White/Black Boltaron

SIde Inlay: Abalone Pearl with Black/White/Black Boltaron

Back Inlay: Abalone Pearl with Black/White Boltaron

Neck Material: Select Hardwood

Neck Shape: Low profile

Nut Material: Bone

Headstock: Solid/Diamond/SquareTaper

Headplate: Solid East Indian Rosewood /C.F. Martin Block- Select Abalone Pearl

Heelcap: White Boltaron

Fingerboard Material:Ebony

Scale Length: 25.4''

No. of Frets Clear: 14

No. of Frets Total: 20

Fingerboard Width At Nut: 1-11/16''

Fingerboard Width At 12th Fret: 2-1/8''

Fingerboard Position Inlays: Style 45 Hexagon

Fingerboard Binding: White Boltaron

Finish Back & Sides: Polished Gloss

Finish Top: Polished Gloss

Finish Neck: Polished Gloss

Bridge Material: Ebony

Bridge Style: Belly

Bridge String Spacing: 2-1/8''

Saddle: 16'' Radius/Compensated/Bone

Quality:High quality guaranteed,nice workmanship,affordable and reasonable guitar price for sales,good quality custom guitars 

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