ulrica 21/06/2016

Very good looking and sound. I have taken a couple of lessons so far and very happy, had my instructor look at the guitar and he could find no fault with it as well. Today I did order some lighter strings to see if I can push down a little better, I guess one of those beginner things.

CASSIEL 21/06/2016

my choices of what is available and bought this Martin Standard  D45 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar not knowing if it might be something I would want to continue. When it arrived I didn't expect much for the price and was very pleasantly surprised.

Holden 21/06/2016

Received well boxed.No damage.Slight buzzing. Loosened truss rod a bit...now perfect. Light weight. Great sound. 
Almost flawless finish. Compares well with entry level brand names...maybe a bit better. 

hoffman 21/06/2016

Great value. Good beginner guitar. Quality better than expected for price paid. Good sound and stays in tune.

Faust 21/06/2016

I am very pleased with this Martin Standard  D45 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar,as I am learning and just wanted it for playing around with. It was very clean and brand new for a used guitar. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery as well. I will have enjoy this guitar for years to come I am sure.