Ian Hurst 28/06/2016

The second I picked up this guitar it felt right. Even the sales guy could tell, I lit up as soon as I strummed a few chords, and I had been there all day. Made me realize how crappy my last guitar was. After I bought this, my guitar playing progressed rapidly, it was almost shocking. I did have them set up the guitar, and it plays like butter. I don't mind the laminate back/sides and the Richlite fretboard, the feel is great. The sound is clear, crisp, and grounded (not twangy or abrasive). The 000 shape fits my preference for something compact. I know for this price point, people often suggest Seagull S6, and that's an excellent guitar, but I find the dreadnought size too bulky for my smaller frame. This simple Martin was just what I was looking for.

Timothy Pitts 28/06/2016

It has a bright tone, medium-low action, and sounds excellent plugged in or acoustic. I have bought 2 more guitars since then but I always find myself picking up this guitar when I dive into a Jam session.It might be the best purchase I've made as a guitar player.

jwhan 28/06/2016

Great purchase, and I've owned about 10 ukes. Good action, warm sound. A real bargain.Great sound for both small and large rooms, tone is bright. Great pick-up with little to no feedback issues.Love it!!Can't speak to how it compares to the high end guitars, but for a progressing player on a budget, this is perfect. I'm always happy to pick it up and play

gail 28/06/2016

Not only is it a brilliant guitar for its size and cost, it is also so easy to play (great action) and surpassed my expectation. It now has a home amongst my other acoustics and electric fender strats. It's got a big sound. Not only does it sound good, it's gorgeous. Plus, it's a Martin. Need I say anything more?

JWG 28/06/2016

Just received this guitar. I put some new extra light martin strings on it and I love it. Fit and finish is great and I was very pleased with the warmth of tone and volume of such a small package. The action was great with no fret buzz. I would definitely replace it if something happened to this one.