Pete O'Brien 28/06/2016

I've been playing for about 30 years, being in a very musical family with people you have all heard of, but I will keep that anonymous here. All kinds of acoustics, electrics...all brands--low dollar, very high dollar and so on. Knew about the electronics version, but wanted to get this one totally "off the grid," a guitar you could easily carry anywhere with no need for anything else. Mainly just goof playing, playing with random other folks/instruments, whenever, wherever=and handing off to my daughter one day. First of all, for crying out loud, it really is a Martin. I just didn't believe it would play like one, but it does. This is the crown jewel from the Mexico factory. I really like the sound. Not a full sized sound, but a special unique sound that has great range and establishes its own category. It is easy to play. I also like the echo tones from finger percussing the body. I'm not going to ramble on here and give a too long review that many won't read. Let's cut to the chase. This is a Martin. A real Martin with all that that entails, for a low low price. If you are wanting to try guitar, this should probably be your first. If you are an enthusiast and want an everywhere guitar that has small, tight frets and good action that you can take anywhere and accidentally bang up a few times, get this guitar. Finally, if you are someone who likes guitar, get this guitar.

Sandra Rardon 27/06/2016

Very nice sounding! This guitar really surprised me. Everyone says how nice it sounds. For the price its great. I personally like the small intimate size. It also has a beautiful wood grain look to it. This guitar looks rad and makes you want to pick it up and play.

Jeremy R. 27/06/2016

Do you have what it takes to be the next best thing in Irish and world pop music scene? this guitar can help you sharpen your skills and earn your way to stardom! High quality guitar!a nice guitar indeed. i like the design and the quality of this guitar is really nice. i love the sound quality.

Adrianna 27/06/2016

It looks really nice and the sound quality is superb. i did not even expected it to be this awesome!. i totally love this guitar so much!this is the perfect guitar for me. i did not even expected it to be this nice in person.

Erika F 27/06/2016

Been trying to find the perfect acoustic guitar for me and now i found it. the sound quality is nice ans it does well what it has to do. i am so happy to have this one! it looks really nice.I am so proud of myself to add this one up in my collection.