Bobby H 25/06/2016

Tried them all...this is the one. Super complex sound. Great for strumming, fingerpicking and flat picking. 37 and 41 authentic is the only one that came close. I found a special one! Played several of these Marquis and they were all different sounding. Nice people at Guitars china allowed me to play several of these 28 series guitars until I found the one. Great knowledgable staff. I couldn't pass up the burst in this Marquis model, it is incredibly beautiful, and the workmanship is bar none. I play this in a room and it turns heads immediately... It's that good. Thanks to Dave Walent for his assistance and patience with me. Take your time and find that special Martin for you, it is all worth it in the end. D28 Marquis will not disappoint!!

Richard 25/06/2016

Karl Long is my contact and is a great one to Boot. He came back to his work desk after a weekend to find a Marquis D-28 waiting to be played. What he found was a nugget! 1 I am blessed and have a nack for picking keepers. Well Karl gave it a work out and verified this was a great guitar. So I had a set of aged mickle Waverly Tuners and have one of the best Authorized Martin Techs period. So new Tuners gave old look and set up was spot on! Now Karl knows this is possible. I put it in the que and frankly forgot about it. Pulled it out sat across the room from wife and said dig in baby! Well she tuned it and took off on a song she wrote " Bass Reeves".She yelled out I love this guitar which I was thinking. It is a Martin that for a Gibson Guy that frankly is amazing. It will never be in the back que again and maybe become the Head of the pack. I am impressed beyond all expectations. This is a great guitar!

Jeffrey 25/06/2016

If you want a full throated guitar, one that can hold its own against anything, this is THE guitar for you! Seriously! I jam with an Old Time group, lots of fiddle players of varying ability, and this guitar can "sing" above ALL of them, but does not overpower the others. This guitar not only sounds beautiful, but looks beautiful, too. From time to time, the other jammers like to try her out and they, too, are blown away by her "voice". As she has aged, her voice just keeps getting richer! Worried about the price, but have never regretted paying it.

Customer 25/06/2016

I got my Marquis about a month ago and the ONLY disappointment was the pretty lousy action it came with from the factory. However, after taking to the local expert luthier, i will say this is my favorite acoustic of all time. The action is now as good or better than my Taylor 512 and my Larivee OM. I like the wider nut width of 1.75in combined with that signature Martin booming tone. I've have many Taylors, Larivees and Breedloves, and while they all have great attributes and are high quality guitars, the Marquis surpasses them with its seeminly endless dynamic range and rich tone. Despite the price, i am extremely happy with this pirchase and the folks at Guitars china made it a great, fearless, buying experience.

Max 25/06/2016

I did not get this guitar through this store, but I have to say that this is one of the best guitars I have ever played. I have a 2005 model, and got it a little under a year ago. I play Bluegrass, Irish Folk, and Worship Music with this work of art. It boasts beautiful lows and mids with rounded high end tones. While it is not necessarily ideal for Worship Music (the highs cutting through the mix), I have fixed the situation by using a Fishman off board pre-amp. But for natural recording, this guitar literally blows me away. Do yourself and your heirs a favor...get this guitar.