krista 21/06/2016

My wife did a lot of research before purchasing this guitar. She also went to the guitar center to try it out. It was live at first play. Great guitar for the price. She bought the electric acoustic one and loves it. You will not go wrong with this guitar. We also toured the Martin Factory a few days ago. I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

feger 21/06/2016

Bought this so I'd have a guitar to play in Mexico while I was on vacation and it did not disappoint. Super easy to travel with; was able to put it in the overhead and not have to check it in. And then I got to sit on a semi-deserted beach and play to my heart's content. Great warm tone but I didn't expect anything less from Martin.

GunjanS 21/06/2016

Bought this to replace my Washburn Rover as my beach/campfire/couch guitar. It's a much different animal than the Rover; much more refined sound with bigger body. IBT also did not seem as well intonated as the Martin.I tried a few whole step bends on both, and the Martin held pitch better. I also compared this to the solid topped Little Martin. I fully expected to prefer the solid topped, but this laminated one sounded much better. Much more balanced with nice note separation. I keep coming back to the intonation with this guitar; it was really good fresh out of the box, even in the higher registers. After tuning it with my Peterson sweetened guitar setting, the sound was amazing.

Jane L. Quehrn 21/06/2016

This guitar feels surprisingly heavy to hold and has a really nice sound. It comes with Martin's lifespan strings, and I really don't think they do it justice at all. I immediately put on a set of Elixir phosphor bronze with the nanoweb coating and it was like I was playing a whole different instrument.

This is now my husband's full-time, go-to guitar. He has smaller hands and finds it so much easier to play than our big old classical guitar. I'd recommend this to anyone who's on the petite side or has small hands.

While it's small, this guitar feels solid and I won't worry at all when traveling with it. How nice to have a high-quality instrument that fits well in the car. A neighbor has the same one and says he put it in the overhead bin on airplanes, too.

Overall, I highly recommend!

Philip Teitelbaum 21/06/2016

This Little Martin is a beauty. It sounds rich, feels perfect and is my new favorite of now. Let's just say I know when a guitar sounds good and this most definitely does. It has the beautiful chime sound I've heard in other Martins and the size is perfect for me.