Jenny 21/06/2016

Great quality for the price! Bought it for my boyfriend as a gift. When it arrived in checked everything and it was amazing. I would recommend this.

Nichole Barr 20/06/2016

Great guitar to begin learning on... just slightly smaller than the loner I had from a friend it was easier for me to play.The best guitar for starters! Made from high quality wood. Amazing sound!Very good guitar especially for the price you pay.Great guitar for the begginers (as me). Delicious sound.

GI CHO 20/06/2016

All you need to begin your acoustic journey! I purchased this for my daughter and her instructor said it was perfect. He did have to change the strings right away as the ones on the guitar were no good but beyond that it's beautiful and makes beautiful music

Nik Nik 20/06/2016

I really loved the great deal I got. I got a nice guitar for being a beginner with all of these other things added so that I didn't have to go buy the individual things. It was delivered in great condition and I am happy with it thus far

Craige 20/06/2016

I was totally amazed at the quality and the sound of this guitar. To start, I received the item well before I expected it. The case is beautiful and very sturdy. Everything came packaged as described. I work with a musician (guitarist/keyboard player in a band) and he "tested" out the guitar himself. He too was amazed at the quality of this guitar for the price that it was offered at as well as all the accessories that come with it. I am actually getting this for my daughter to take lessons with and it is a perfect guitar for her to start with but I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in playing. I have not played guitar since I was 14 (I am now 50) and this makes ME want to start playing again.