Amit K. Barman 18/06/2016

This guitar is very beautiful and well built. I would reccomend this to anyone!

John Wright 18/06/2016

My wife gave me the Martin hd28 for by far ranks as one of the best acoustic guitars I,ve owned in 48 years of playing. It's everything and more Martin claims. It came setup out of the box, not one issue,great flat picking as Well as strumming guitar. Sounds great running it thru my p.a. Well worth every dime spent.

Katherine 18/06/2016

It's sturdy, feels nice, sounds ok.

Tara 18/06/2016

What a beautiful voice this fine instrument has. Flat Pick, Finger Pick, Finger strum and any other method gives you great balance, strong mellow base, clear mids and highs without twang. You will love this guitar like a soul mate. Partner up with a HD28 and amaze your friends and audience with the beauty of the sound. I am working on a way to take this guitar with me when I die. Thank You Martin Factory and Thank You Friends!

Keunyoung Lim 18/06/2016

I can get it better but still not perfect . It's going to need moor adjusting . The luthier said it may need a new nut. I love the sound and the action.