Keenan Kern 17/06/2016

Nothing else sounds like a Martin. I have other guitars and decided that I wanted one that "sounds like a Martin". The fit and finish is fantastic. I have small hands and the neck is a little bit thinner than on the older D28s and the action is great. The sound is awesome, loud, and the tone is rich and full. I was after the classic Martin Dreadnought sound and the D28 is it. As this guitar opens up over the next several years the sound can only get better.

CelticRose923 17/06/2016

The guitar also came with a second set of strings which work just fine. It came with a ginormous plectrum but I already have tons of picks so that wasn't a problem. The bag isn't anything special, it just holds the guitar and can be held like a backpack or a briefcase. I suppose it protects the guitar from minor things, but it's no solid case.

john 17/06/2016

I have a left handed HD28 model that is now 20 years old. Being left handed, I had to drive down to Gruhn Guitars because after much research, they were the only store that had such a guitar on their showroom floor.I absolutely loves it. It sounds better today compared to when I bought it new back in 1994. I don't think it will ever leave my side however, I am wondering what it would be worth today if I sold it or traded it in for another Martin. It's got a few nicks but it's in good condition.

Technocrat 17/06/2016

I purchased this guitar after researching several other MARTINS and brands. I ended up using the HD-28 as the benchmark to do my research. Its playability is superb right out of the box, has a retro look with the herringbone trim and the sound is unbelievably crisp. I also own an OVATION Elite which now gets very little play. - Don't believe me, go see for yourself. If you are serious about getting a guitar, go try the HD-28 and I am pretty sure you will end up with it.

Mark Twain 17/06/2016

What can you say about this guitar? It's the best. The guitar plays itself. I thank my wife for letting me buy it almost each and every day. It costs money but it retains its value, actually increasing at better than the rate of inflation. Why are you still reading this review? Go buy it...NOW!