orange 15/07/2016

This thing is so well built, and so versatile! Godin's are underrated in general, and this one is a masterpiece.

Bry Otree 15/07/2016

Love love love this guitar! My musician friends love it and like the sound of it although they haven't heard it plugged in yet. It took me a very short while to get used to the strings (made by the company for this guitar) and while they have a tinnier sound than what I'm used to for a guitar, they do deliver when it is plugged in. Overall it really seems to be more of an electric-style guitar. The neck is narrow and the body is small - something that I am so happy with! It is extremely playable. I may switch to bronze strings to get a warmer tone, but for now I want to give these strings a chance to sing. I also ordered a case from the company that fits this guitar, and for the price, it is awesome as well! Very light and the guitar fits perfectly and securely.

123789 15/07/2016

I have been playing Godins for about 5 years now and I have to say that they are hands down the best all around guitars in their price range. I play both acoustic and electric so this is perfect for my needs. It's light, the neck is player friendly and the sound is amazing. If you're looking for a heavy crunch/metal sounding guitar that this is probably not for you but if you need a clean, warm sound I would highly recommend this guitar.

Amili 15/07/2016

Great guitar for the money. Feels a little stiff at first, but after a couple of weeks of playing gigs, this guitar is becoming a staple for me. Highly recommended.

rey rico 15/07/2016

This is a beautiful guitar.This guitar is very well made and the good craftsmanship is evident. The guitar came with a checklist such as fret wire, neck, bridge, finish etc. next to which were the initials of each inidividual craftsman that had quality controlled the product. The finish and set up were excellent out of the box. Godin concentrates on quality over quantity. Sure, it doesn't have a fancy neck binding or pearl inlays but what it does have it does very well. It has a beautiful finish, tight tolerance, nice sound. It does however feed back quite a bit at higher volumes. It doesn't come with a case which was disappointing.Overall, still an amazing buy.