Ari Bishop 18/07/2016

This was a tremendous bargain. I had very low expectations but it is a blast to play. It will sweeten up a bit but this guitar begs for heavy metal or hard rock. Great to play lead along with another type of guitar as it has a unique sound that gives a great depth of sound. If you didn't have a lot of money and had to choose one guitar, I would definitely consider this one if you really want to stand out in looks and sound.

Evan 18/07/2016

What a NICE guitar for the money!! I own several other Strats, acoustics, classics, etc. and this is every bit as nice. The price was incredible so I couldn't resist. I find myself playing this thing for hours and seem to lose track of time... that's how nice the action and playability are.

BReal14 18/07/2016

I have had this guitar for about a month now. As others have commented, the guitar is solid and feel extremely durable. In addition, it comes with great pick ups, tuners, nut, and is a solid instrument. The action was great when it arrived and has been a real nice guitar to play.

I pick this thing up and can't seem to put it down. The color scheme is a little over the top for me, as I like something a little more mellow, but I get compliments on it from everyone that sees it.

If you are looking for a nice guitar at a great price, this is the guitar for you. Be sure to wait and watch the price at it seems to fluctuate often. You can pick it up for an unbelievable price.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new guitar.

Quahog 18/07/2016

I have 5 guitars, all of them Schecters. For the money, I don't think you can beat them. This guitar is, in my opinion, an exceptional value for the money. This thing is solid. You can feel a difference between this and other Schecter guitars when you hold it. The neck is thicker, and it simply feels like a well built instrument. The sound coming from this guitar is sweet too. And, it is absolutely beautiful.

John 18/07/2016

I own way too many guitars and stringed instruments in general but when I saw this guitar on an hourly deal I figured I'd give it a shot. My collection includes all the standards, Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin etc.... and many lesser known guitars. I am not a virtuoso by any means, have to say I collect better than I play but I am servicable. I read some very good reviews on this guitar and am adding another one. Beatiful in appearance and exceptional playability. I have been having fun with this guitar since I received it. If I wanted to malke a friend happy I'd gift them this guitar because the value can not be topped.