thomas russell 28/06/2016

This is not my first guitar but it is the cheapest one so far and I find myself playing it as much as the ones that cost much more

JoeyP 28/06/2016

This guitar has a few good features such as good feel and a flawless finish.The only problem I had is that mine was not playable out of the box.All of the fret's needed filing, the string's were oxidized and a set up was required.

Perpetual Waffle 28/06/2016

Wow, nice price. Probably as per others reviews this Martin HD-35 Guitar with Case needs some set up before playing. No buzz.

unchained 28/06/2016

I bought this guitar on a crazy sale,But, when i got it, took it out of the box, tuned it, and played it i was blown away at it's sound. For this price range the pickups sound amazing going through a tube amp. This is a great Martin HD-35 Guitar with Case  (Getting the most use around my house now) .

Mac Matthew's 28/06/2016

Now I got this Martin HD-35 Guitar with Case about a month ago, as a christmas gift to myself if you would. I'd been eyeing this guitar for quite a while.