Nicole Hernandez 07/07/2016

I was currently playing on an 6 String, Glacial Frost  Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty and wanted something cool and good for beginners. I bought this guitar with high hopes and this guitar met all my needs as a beginner and as a person who wants to be big someday. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good sounding and cool looking guitar!

josenewtype 07/07/2016

The new illuminators when cranked with distortion are plain smooth and musical..kick in the built in boost switch, it gets thick and juicy without loosing definition, clarity and string separation. Cleans are clear and hi-fi sounding.Workmanship is stellar. No regrets after personally having an encounter with this guitar.

Hobbyist 07/07/2016

You really need to experience this guitar first hand, the pics and videos posted on the net does not..i repeat does not do any justice to this guitar! In person the guitar just looks fabulous. Thebody shape and contours are extremely ergonomical and comfortable to hold (regardless whether standing or sitting). The neck is super sleek and fast, yet has enough girt for bends and stuff, just a joy to play and the strings feels like butter under the fingers.

Oliver TOM GOLD 07/07/2016

This is a Fantastic Axe.6 String, Glacial Frost  Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty. Wow, Wow, Wow is what I said after opening the case, like the previous reviewe. The quality and workmanship are great. I couldn't believe how light it is and feel is great.

Oliver 07/07/2016

It has such great sound and playability. I have several other guitars but after getting it I haven't used any others, it is such a joy to play.The service and shipping was great and fast which is expected from -guitar of china.