Anthony Wallace 07/07/2016

The volume and tone produced by this guitar are fantastic. I couldn't be happier.It sounds and plays great and is a very comfortable size for me. It came out of the box in perfect shape, tuned and set up. The finish on this guitar is the flat satin which is not my preference (I'm a high gloss fan) but that's a minor thing. The resonance is impressive. I'm happy--love it!

Les Turner 07/07/2016

This Martin is a thing of beauty. The spruce top has a beautiful look that shimmers in the right light, while the back and sides, while slightly more dull, give a great dark accent to the top. The craftsmanship is absolutely top notch. In my opinion, it just makes the Martin a better crafted guitar, complete with all necessary bracing a guitar usually has.Overall I am quite pleased with my new Martin .

Carol 07/07/2016

Everything I hoped it would be - completely satisfied!It is such a great guitar and sounds so big nice rich tone and nice highs.I love my little martin it has become my favorite guitar for me it dont get any better.Absolutely love it and can't put it down. Love the sound from this guitar. I have always loved the Taylor, but it may have been replaced by this one. As always, service was excellent.

Ron K 07/07/2016

Awesome instrument by martin! this is my first martin and id have to say... If you're considering buying it, just go for it. No review is enough to explain how wonderful this instrument is. Great loud and very crisp sound. GO BUY IT!

Anita Davis 07/07/2016

I wasn't disappointed. This is the perfect guitar for taking to the park, playing at the desk or on the patio. It sounds a little "thin" as you would expect from this size guitar, but plug it in and add a little reverb and it sounds much bigger.An excellent guitar for the money. Although I don't play it, I do listen. It has very good acoustic tone and absolutely wonderful sound played through my Fishman acoustic amplifier. Both my wife and son claim it is very easy to play.