GuitarGod24 28/06/2016

It has great sound, quality and finish at a fantastic price.I had purchased and a similarly priced  guitar to due quality . But love this Martin D-41 Guitar with Case I would highly recomend this Martin D-41 Guitar with Case.

STEVEN 28/06/2016

I found this guitar to be a great guitar for the price, the neck, easy to finger and play, its also a fine looking instrument. I am very happy with it. Today it is easy to learn to play guitar with the help of great online resources.

austin 28/06/2016

It has a great sound; looks, feels and sounds high like a high dollar instrument. I love it!

Meinstad 28/06/2016

I have only just begun to play the classical guitar and was looking for a cheap guitar to learn with. I found this guitar and the reviews it had and I admit that this guitar is exceptional! Beautiful and not expensive, this is a great way to start learning how to play! 

Quade Kadle 28/06/2016

I been playing guitar for about 2 years and I have played some  guitars yet I only own a Martin D-41 Guitar with Case. I am amazed the lovely sound of this guitar. For a good price, it ain't just for beginners. Also great for middle level players like myself. Give this guitar a chance! It has a warm nice sound. Changing the strings for better would also be a suggesstion but it's great still.