oscar Diaz 28/06/2016

I bought this guitar yesterday. It has a very Martin D-41 Guitar with Case The one thing that I did notice that is difficult to get past is the VERY sharp edges on the frets. This is on both the top side and the bottom side of the neck. We opened Martin D-41 Guitar with Case and sure enough they both had sharp edges.

brandon regan 28/06/2016

I got the black one. it's a beautiful guitar. I'd say for the price it's a pretty good guitar. i recommend it for beginners. sounds decent, plays decent..

Shary Banks 27/06/2016

I'm just learning the guitar but I live in an apartment complex. With my beginner guitar I can plug my headphones into the amp and NOT bother my neighbors. We all know there's nothing worse sounding than a beginner on the guitar! Thanks!

Jd 27/06/2016

I recommend this guitar for all of my students who need to purchase their first guitar. If I remember correctly, 5 of my students now use this guitar or the Martin D-41 Guitar with Case. The necks are decent, the construction is reasonably good, the finish is reasonably good and they sound quite good. I tell parents that this is the best deal out there and I am confident that you will not find a better guitar for the money.

bennieDes 27/06/2016

I'm a long-time guitar teacher and I recommend this guitar to all my students seeking a good quality, first electric guitar. I think I remember 4 students who have all bought these, and none were disappointed. I remember one required a little adjustment of the string height, but that was not difficult at all to do. The Martin D-41 Guitar with Case were perfect. The pickups sound pretty good, and the guitar plays well for the money.