Ryan Popelka 23/06/2016

I have seven acoustic guitars. The D-41 has by far the best tone. Even better than the Mark Knopfler limited edition Martin I own. Just remember when you buy a new one, give some time to settle in--over time, as it's played and exposed to sound vibrations the tone will continue improve. It took about 6 monhs before the tone on mine really started to shine. While it may seem pricey at first, you get what you pay for. Before I bought my D-41 I test played Taylors, Gibsons, Breedloves, Santa Cruz models just to name a few-all in similar price ranges. The tone on the D-41 was still superior.

Jerry Wexler 23/06/2016

I've owned my D-41 for several years. All I can say is it one of the finest guitar's I've ever owned. Actually it is the second D-41 I've owned. My first one was replaced by Martin after I had it for two years because I started to see a minor delam issue on the neck. Martin stood behind their product and when the repair time looked like it would be three months or more, instead they gave me a new replacment-I was impressed. I've had my second D-41 now for almost three years and have not seen any sign of delam or any other issues.
The appointments are exceptional--but I buy guitars for tone and playability. The D-41 does an outstanding job in both areas. I highly recommend the D-41 to any discriminating acoustic guitar player. You won't be disappointed. It's the one I always pick up first...and last.

Samantha Durban 23/06/2016

The Martin D-41, at first glance, is stunning. From the abalone fretboard markers to the rosette, neck and body bindings, body abalone inlays,
gold tuners, rosette, and beatiful spruce top, the whole guitar speaks quality and tone.Overall, this is a very high quality instrument with both aesthetically pleasing looks and outstanding attention to detail in terms of both appearance and sound. If you like the sound of the classic pop, then this is the perfect acoustic for you.

Stephen L. Nealon 23/06/2016

The tone of the D-41 is full, with a rich midrange, an enormous amount of high frequency 'sparkle' and a complimenting bass tone that presents a sound profile that is evenly balanced across the strings, up and down the fretboard. Of course, the choice of strings will color the sound, but the strings are a matter of personal choice. The only change I've made is that I've added ebony bridge pins and end pin since one of the bone (Plastic) pins broke. The guitar tuned as such should match a good grand piano tuned in even-temper. Also, you can almost tune the 1st and 2nd strings by listening to their open tones; the high B harmonics and high E harmonics would suggest that the guitar has been 'tap tuned,' that is the bracings and various components and woods have been selected to resonate at frequencies of the open strings.

cynd05 23/06/2016

I've owned a Martin D41 since 1985... a gift from my wife...it's almost a spiritual musical instrument. It is, of and itself a work of art. It even smells great, even after all these years. It's sound is so amazing, unless you play one, it cannot be appreciated. Finest of wood, craftsmanship beyound compare. I've played every kind of guitar made...I started when I was 13, I'm now 62. Hey, play 'em all. The proof is in the putting...but if you really know sound (the ultimate test...(AMAZING SOUND;HIGHS, MIDRANGE AND LOWS)AND love having the best, give the 41 a peek. One should, however, NOT play one unless you are serious. This one cannot be put down physically, musically or spiritually once exposed.