Autumn Pierce 07/07/2016

I can only recommend this guitar for a early teen, who has no idea what good sound is, or good finish on frets feels like. Did a proper setup, and I put four different sets of strings on this and I could not get a pleasing sound (to my ears) out of this guitar. I returned it after three days. If buying for a kid that wants to try to learn. Fine you'll save money, sorta. Cause they will most likely quit, after hearing the better one there teacher has. On the other hand, spent a little more, and you can get a much better guitar. I exchanged, in store so i could play others and listen to them.

William Weems 07/07/2016

Took it out of the box, tightened the truss rod, and this thing is perfect. Dead flat neck, without a hump or a lump anywhere. Can't find a high fret ( I've tried). Maybe not the prettiest guitar ever, (has a few knots in the top) but, I could care less. Whatever kind of wood the fret board is made of, I like it.

Kylie Humble 07/07/2016

Great price for a quality instrument.

ben 07/07/2016

Warrior Cry Music Project gives these guitars to some Military Hospitals and a few Wounded Service Members and have never had one problem or complaint. We have gotten a lot of these guitars and I mean a lot. They play really well and the action is always pretty nice out of the box. You cant beat it for what you get for the price.

Lynnie 07/07/2016

I bought this 3-Color Sunburst Fender as a present for my granddaughter's 14th birthday. I checked it out at the store and decided that it was a decent enough guitar for a beginner. When I got it home, I tuned it and played it for a short time. It sounded pretty good for a $90 guitar. After letting it sit over night, I tuned again and adjusted the neck a little. That thing has a real nice action now and sounds really good! Of course it's not the equal of a Martin, Gibson, or any other high end guitar, but you can't wrong spending 90 bucks for this little beauty!