• Buy Martin D-28 acoustic guitar for sale

Buy Martin D-28 acoustic guitar for sale

Buy Martin D-28 acoustic guitar for sale

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Buy Martin D-28 acoustic guitar for sale

(All solid wood around)

A brand new Martin d 28! Martin, with its rich history as the oldest guitar company in the USA should certainly know how to build guitars that sound and perform beautifully, and this guitar is proof of the value of choosing experience and an iconic and classic design. The guitar does not disappoint on sound, setup, beauty, or hand feel - its really got stunning sustain, action, and play-ability. Some may prefer the louder sound of the hd 28, which is a great guitar too with extra volume for live performance, but the d28 standard is no slouch in tone or volume either, despite the more solid bracing pattern, with a nuanced and balanced tone. This guitar is a concert quality instrument capable in the right hands of making men and women alike weep at the beauty of what they have heard - it makes me want to play better, study harder, and I have about 30 hours of play time (at least) in the 30 days I\'ve owned it. I play sitting down so I\'ve not even installed a strap button yet.

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\'\'This guitar is truly an amazing piece of work. When I first picked it up it looked just like any other D-28, but of course a little more \"Deluxe\". This guitar sounds great, but I then I looked at the little tag.I honestly think a guitar is worth a lot, any guitar. But honestly I\'m scared to spend above two thousand dollars for any guitar. Event thought it sounds... Amazing*... I just couldn\'t live without power and heat in my house for a year. *- It some how achieves a sounds better then an average D28 and more middley then a Taylor. It really is just an opinion. Overall, just by looking at it you can tell it is a great guitar. This only downfall is the price.. enough said.\'\'

\'\'My father passed on three years ago and passed on his Martin D-28 Authentic Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar to me, his oldest son. He purchased it back in the early 1950\'s. He said it was the best when he purchased it and I can vow that he was right. I own many guitars but nothing can compare the the quality of this Martin. It\'s as ture today in sound as it was the first day he picked it up to play it. It\'s without the best I\'ve ever played and I\'ve played a lot of guitars in my time to name a few Gibson, Fender, Dove and many others. I\'m 57 years old in case you were in question. When I \"PASS IT ON\" I\'m sure this Martin will stay in the family for years to come. Without question I know my son will have many years of pleasure as my father and I have. It\'s not only a Martin, It\'s a family tradition.\'\'

\'\'This is a beautiful, great sounding production guitar. I have owned 3 Martins during a 42 year period (a D-45, D-18 and a D-17), and many other acoustics and many electrics. I\'ve played a D-28 many times and it is truly an exceptional guitar.\'\'

The D-28 standard is known as a strummer and flat picker\'s dream, and this guitar has never let m e down from the first strum and makes learning a joy.Setup-best I\'ve ever played straight out of the case (and I\'ve played Ovations, Taylors, Tacomas, Martins, Breedloves, and plenty of Gibsons). This guitar has incredible clarity, tone, and volume. The neck is comfortable for someone of average sized hands. The tuning machines are smooth and good looking, the wood is beautiful. One of the finest guitars I\'ve ever played.It\'s not a beginners guitar, this is true. The Martin doesn\'t, on first playing, deliver the shimmering highs taht come so easily from a taylor (or even the more balanced highs of a Gibson acoustic). But with practice, and experience playing this particular guitar, it is capable of much more diversity. The tone is perfectly balanced, with a strong, but not overpowering low end. Playability is nice, with a highenough action to allow for \"resistance\" while bending, and easy enough action for ease of play. The finish is simple, but elegant and beautiful. A Word of note, about the guitar, however, is that it will not sound full with ligher guage srtings than twelves, and cannot be strung any heavier than 12\'s, lest the neck and bridge warp。

Many discerning guitarists instantly name the d 28 as their all-time favorite Martin, and the Martin d 28 acoustic guitar is the standard all guitars are compared to. Often referred to as \"cannons\", the D-28 acoustic has that classic rich tone and big projection that\'s perfect for stage and studio. We\'ve spent a lot of time with acoustic guitars at Sweetwater, and this guitar delivers the iconic Martin sound by the bucket full. When you\'re looking for that classic, room-filling acoustic guitar sound, then you need a Martin d 28 acoustic guitar.

The Martin D 28 acoustic guitar offers the deep bass response that\'s made Martin dreadnoughts so popular. Yet it also has a high-end presence that sings out even in heavy instrumentation. Martin\'s D-28 is both loud and subtle, and has a quick response. The powerful voice and full sound of the D-28 has made it a staple in the Bluegrass world.A quality acoustic guitar is all about the wood, and the Martin D-28 delivers no-compromise quality. The top is of solid Sitka spruce for big projection and spectacular note clarity. It\'s back and sides are made of Indian rosewood, a classic Martin material. A solid wood neck with black ebony fingerboard gives the Martin d 28 awesome playing ease to match its awesome sound!

In the early part of the twentieth century, the history of the modern guitar began. Martin\'s early dreadnoughts set into motion the guitar\'s prominent role in modern music and set the standard for tone quality in acoustic guitars. Martin dreadnoughts became known for resonant warm tones, quality craftsmanship, and tasteful styling. For those reasons, Martin guitars became an important part of the music written and performed by the stars of the \'20s and \'30s. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Buy Martin D 28 Marquis acoustic guitar on sale 

Tech Specs

String Type Steel

Number of Strings 6

Body Shape Dreadnought 14-Fret

Body Style No Cutaway

Left-/Right-handed Right-handed

Color Natural

Finish Polished Gloss (top, back, and sides), Satin (neck)

Top Wood Solid Sitka Spruce

Back & Sides Wood Solid Indian Rosewood

Body Bracing Standard X, 5/16\" Solid Sitka Spruce

Binding Black Boltaron

Neck Wood Select Hardwood

Neck Shape Low Profile

Fingerboard Material  Solid Black Ebony

Fingerboard Inlay Style 28

Number of Frets 20 (total), 14 (clear)

Scale Length 25.4\"

Tuning Machines Chrome Enclosed with Large Buttons

Bridge Material Black Ebony

Nut/Saddle Material Bone/16\" Radius Compensated Bone

Nut Width 1.6875\"

Body Length 20\"

Body Width 15.625\"

Body Depth 4.875\"

Overall Length 40.5\"

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