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Acoustic Guitar Body Types

This should be the most common guitar body type , that is ,we used to call \\\\\\\"folk guitar \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\', standard 41-inch , the guitar is relatively large, the guitarwaist is not that prominent, this kind of type design is early from the famous Martin ,  the most world well-know guitar is theMartin D-45 Standard Series, Martin\\\\\\\'s flagship dreadnought guitar.The D-45 represents the most elegantly appointed dreadnought Martin offers in their line. This kind of guitar is relatively large , so the resonance effect it relatively good , has a very vast feeling of mellow bass, very suitable for rhythmic strumming. 


The D12-28 gives Martin's classic acoustic guitar the 12-string treatment. The Martin D-28 is a 6-string legend: the quintessential flat top. Imbue it with 12 strings, and there's nothing it can't do. With its formidable dreadnought size, solid spruce top, and solid rosewood back and sides, this guitar's a cannon. 

Bob Dylan SJ-200

The SJ-200 Player’s Edition is a high-performance model based on Bob Dylan’s personal guitar. This model is constructed with Adirondack red spruce

and hand-selected AAA flamed maple. Featuring vintage style hide glue top bracing.

buy martin d45 guitar for sale

The D-45 Dreadnought is the flagship model of the Standard Series. It is the most ornate Standard Series instrument, featuring hand inlaid pearl and premium tonewoods. The guitar of choice for legends like Gene Autry and Stephen Stills, it’s the perfect guitar for a discerning collector or musician. Nothing says you’ve arrived like a D-45.

China Martin D45 Fingerstyle Guitar Review (2018 new)

 This prestigious guitar has become the most sought after and the highest valued steel-string acoustic guitar in the world.The dreadnought body of the D-45 is crafted from a classic pairing of a Sitka spruce soundboard and East Indian rosewood back and sides. These solid tonewoods represent the optimum selection for tonal quality and aesthetics. The D-45 boasts Style 45 appointments, which is the most ornate of all the Martin Standard Series acoustics. Each piece of abalone is hand filed, mitered and fitted into the inlay on the top, sides, back and rosette while the body, neck and headstock are all bound in white boltaron. A traditional Style 45 Martin select abalone pearl block letter inlay adorns the headplate, while Style 45 large hexagon inlays designate the fingerboard positions. Gold-plated enclosed tuning machines are standard on this elegant model. D-45 top X bracing is hand scalloped to maximize the vibration of the soundboard. The low profile neck of the D-45 features a solid ebony fingerboard and is meticulously fitted to the body using a traditional dovetail neck joint.Our China Martin D45 fingerstyler dreadnought guitar features Features:Solid sitka spruce top;sides and back indian rosewood,one piece of mahogany neck,Solid ebony fretboard and bridge, Real abalone inlays all around,Nut and saddle bone,Customized type Martin D45 dreadnought,Amazing sound and best workmanship,Factory price ,Top quality that can compete many brand-named guitars,To play guitar well, first to choose a good guitar! It sounds as rich and full as ever!

Classic Jumbo Sound with the SJ-200

Beautifully made, quite lightweight, chords resonate clearly and loud, need time for your ears to  settle! But not long,good for fingerpicking,great gibson tone,even sound all over fretboard, great guitar.

Comments about Martin 000-28ec Eric Clapton Signature Auditorium Acoustic

After playing guitar for over 25 years it was time for an instrument like this. During the past couple of yearsI'd increased my playing time and found that I was enjoying it more and wanting to push myself.I've found that instruments that are better than the player create inspiration for practicing and pushing oneself, and from the first minute that I had this guitar in my hands and began playing, I fell in love.

Comments about Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The most popular Vintage Series model, the HD-28V is a modern re-creation of 

the classic herringbone Dreadnought. Channeling legends like Hank Williams, 

this guitar carries a distinct prestige that can only come from the Vintage Series 


Confesiona of a Martin Addict

 At least that is what I'd like to believe and what I genuinely feel right now. On the other hand, am I kidding myself? Many addicts are when they say they're finished.

There ARE other Martins ...but as other reviewers have noted, it is difficult to imagine wanting or needing anything more from a real 'player's guitar' than Martin offers in this wonderful model HD28.


Cort instrument is believed to have the majority of the guitar lovers, guitarists known international brands,and in the Chinese musical instrument market also has a large user base.Cort instrument is believed to have the majority of the guitar lovers, guitarists known international brands,and in the Chinese musical instrument market also has a large user base.We all know that les paul standardis recognized worldwide as a classic guitar type. Cort is no exception includes this guitar type in theri own

D-45V Lefty

The original Martin D-45 has reached an iconic status amongst the Acoustic Guitar community, cementing itself as arguably one of the most historic Dreadnought models of all time. This Vintage Series D-45v allows modern players an authentic reproduction of the classic pre-war model, constructed with a Sitka Spruce Top and a Solid East Indian back and side wood combination. Standard ''X'' Scalloped, Forward Shifted bracing gives this dreadnought an extra top reinforcement for added projection, whilst a modified V-shaped neck, period fingerboard inlays, old-style long or through saddles, aging toner fi

D28 Marquis

 D28 Marquis will not disappoint!!

Differences between gibson and martin

j200 sounds like a full resilient spring, martin is a dry spread of cannon. Some people say that gibson is suitable for playing ,

i understand in this way that probably because the sound will not fried out even you are forced to play .

There is no better one , just depends on your own music style and which you prefer. 

Differences between gibson and martin

j200 sounds like a full resilient spring, martin is a dry spread of cannon. Some people say that gibson is suitable for playing ,

i understand in this way that probably because the sound will not fried out even you are forced to play .

There is no better one , just depends on your own music style and which you prefer. 

Erfahren Sie alles über den Ton der Martin HD35-Gitarre

Willkommen bei unserem Guide zum Ton der Martin HD35-Gitarre. Wenn Sie nach einer Gitarre suchen, die einen warm-voluminösen Klang hervorbringt und sich gleichzeitig klar und präzise anhört, dann ist die Martin HD35 genau das Richtige für Sie. In diesem Guide werden wir uns alle Eigenschaften ansehen, die zum vollen Klangpotenzial dieser Gitarre beitragen und wir werden über die verschiedenen Techniken sprechen, mit denen man sie richtig stimmen und pflegen kann!

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

The Majesty is the result of John’s unwavering demand for performance, playability and race inspired design.

fender gibson ibanez short comparision

fender and gibson are very different, not the same type and purpose, the same price is also immeasurably,both have their own special sound. Along with Ibanez, these three brands can be Top three in rock world.  In early stage Fender guitars are mostly single coil,high frequency is very good , sound is clear . Tele is also single coil at early stage ,  IF is very good , though the fast-paced rhythm is not as good as Fender, but very suitable for country music and Blues. When the rock was not so properous , the rural folk blues

Finally it's the Taylor 814ce

But ultimately i chose the 814ce,  for one reason it is more cost-effective , for another, i was deeply attracted by its characteristics .

From low-end GS Mini  to high-end Martin Koa Custom, i have tried all them .  Finally decided to choose one from the M36 and in 814ce. 

Gibson Acoustic Dove

 Not many acoustic guitars are as recognizable as the Gibson Dove. Unfortunately they can be very hard to come by. Luckily Gibson Acoustics has released the Dove Ebony acoustic-electric guitar。The Dove's tonewood selection of Sitka spruce and maple combines with the longer 25.25" scale length to give the Dove Ebony a clear and present tone with plenty of power.

gibson j-45 standard

Tommy Emmanuel says this is the one. Any more questions are moot....

The J-45 is Gibson's best-selling acoustic of all time. Nicknamed "The Workhorse" and first introduced in 1942,

this iconic acoustic has become the cornerstone of its round-shoulder, dreadnought line. World renowned for its full,

balanced expression, warm bass and excellent projection, the 2016 J-45 has been refined to carry this legacy to new heights.

Gibson J45

If you are blessed with the funds to buy a guitar of this caliber, you need to look no further than the Gibson J-45 Custom Rosewood. 

Immaculate just about sums it up in every aspect!!

Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar is a sub-series of Gisbon Les Paul series.
Gibson three main families of Les Paul is Les Paul Studio, Les Paul Standard and Les Paul Custom (simply to say is good ,better , best ).
As Les Paul's high-end models , the price range is around $3000-4500.Black and white color appearance and rounded streamline body shape makes it very contemporary ,

Horizontal evaluation on Martin D28 HD28 D41

martin d28 ,martin d41, martin hd28  In fact , the material grade not only depends on how the surface of the grain ,
drying methods and storage conditions are very important. To material graded , apart from  timber outward appearance ,
the acoustic properties are also a very important factor. We have specialized equipment to check whether there are structural defects inside the wood,and will be experienced by the people through manual inspection of wood, wood percussion feedback from the ear to judge its quality .Further personal judgment on drying methods and storage may also be a standard ,  because D41 is significantly larger than D28, HD28 light,

How to main a Guitar, especially Acoustic guitar (ROUGHLY)

How to main a Guitar, especially Acoustic guitar (ROUGHLY)
An acoustic guitar will follow us for quite long time ,it has witnessed our youth , our growth , so we have to take care of it , then i will talk about how to care of our guitar roughly ,more perceptual description ,but it is real knowledge.
Whether you use cheap or expensice guitar, these instruments are constructed from wood and needs maintenance and care .
Tools / materials:

J-45 2016~Gibson j45 vintage sunburst

If you've never played a J-45, you absolutely need to. It didn't earn its reputation for nothing. The playability of this guitar is above all others. Nothing fancy here,

just pure Gibson craftsmanship and design.

Martin 000-28

I absolutely love my new Martin 000-28. his is without a doubt one of the best acoustic giutars made today.  It's balance and craftmanship are superb.

The tone is dead on perfect, and I like the slightly shorter scale length and 000-body.  It had wonderful sound, sustain and felt soooo good in my hands.

Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Acoustic Guitar

Martin Guitars and legendary British blues rocker Eric Clapton have joined forces to create a stunning signature model that blends classic Martin tone

and style with a selection of appointments chosen by Slowhand himself. 

Martin Custom Shop D-42 Guatemalan Rosewood

Made in Martin's Nazareth, Pennsylvania factory, this Custom Shop D-42 acoustic guitar is wonderful and powerful instrument that sports some very find tone woods. The Premium Adirondack Spruce Top has had the Vintage Tone System applied to it. It now sounds like a aged and opened up D-42! I handpicked this set of Guatemalan Rosewood becuase of it's very straight grain and beautiful contrasting dark hues. This Custom sounds fantastic and looks as good as it sounds.  

Martin d-28

HD-28: The HD-28 is similar in many ways to the D-28, with several key differences. The biggest difference is the scalloped braces used in the HD-28.
D28E: A very limited run version of the D-28 with special pickups placed at the end of the fretboard and near the bridge.
This guitar is largely viewed as a "mistake" and is considered to be a collectors item although it was notably used by Kurt Cobain  .
D12-28: A 12-string version, otherwise the same as its brother the D-28

Martin D-28 Authentic 1941 VTS

Here to remind you why you fell in love with us in the first place, the new Authentics are constructed the old way - with hide glue, throughout, and historically-accurate detailing confirmed by using a CAT scan machine located at the Smithsonian Institute. Based on a 1941 D-28 in our museum, this guitar features Madagascar rosewood back and sides, an Adirondack spruce top, and authentic 1941 D-28 appointments, right down to the neck barrel, heel, diamond, head taper, and slots.

Martin D-28 Marquis with Sunburst

The D-28 Marquis Sunburst features “Martin Golden Era” (1930-1940) appointments and is constructed in East Indian rosewood, including a top embellished with the Martin 1935 sunburst pattern. Perfect for the advanced guitarist.

Martin D-35 versus Martin D-28

Martin D-35 versus Martin D-28

These two guitars are definitely very close siblings, and carry the same price. The biggest difference is that the D-28 has a 2-piece back while the D-35 has a 3-piece back. 

Martin D-42

My Martin D-42 is the finest instrument I have ever played. The tone is rich, sweet and balanced. 

Martin D-45E Retro

The Martin D-45E faithfully models itself on the vintage pre-war era Martin D-45 

that cemented them in guitar history, but now with modern design features 

including a Fishman F1 Electronics system that modern players will appreciate. 

martin D28 hd28v

Guitarsofchina is a professional manufacturer of premium acoustic and electric guitars.GuitarsOfChina supplies high quality acoustic guitars in the market for years.GuitarsOfChina provides custom shop service. We personalize your guitar according to your requirements.

Martin D28 Standard Series Acoustic Guitar

 D28 Marquis is a great guitar but have a V neck and wide neck. There are many better, hand made dreadnoughts coming out of the USA that are far superior to the D28.

Martin D42 Acoustic Guitar

With back and sides in premium solid East Indian rosewood and a Sitka spruce top, this instrument is enhanced with vintage appointments found on many Martin pre-war classic guitars. Massive bass response balanced with articulate highs makes the D-42 a fine choice for the discerning player. 

Martin D42 dreadnought acoustic guitar

Reminiscent of those coveted pre-war Martin guitars, the D-42 embodies everything you've come to expect from a Martin acoustic,

from premium choice tonewoods, to shimmering vintage-style appointments, all tied together with an acoustic voice that is truly beautiful. 

Martin d45 assessment

 D45 will be with me throughout  my life ,a guitar  for future generations Ideal for recording into the studio,   decomposition chord  reaction to the fingertip is particularly sensitive,  that is to say  the length of the nail will be affect the sound effect .If you want a little brighter tone, you must stay nails.Long nails will decrease the efforts ,so it  depends entirely on what kind of tone and intensity of your fingers.This is the so-called finess.These are  i comprehend  after   having d45  .

Martin D45 Dreadnought Left-handed Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D-45 Authentic is made exactly as the company manufactured the original pre-war D-45 Dreadnoughts. This reproduction features an ebony non-adjustable neck rod, solid pearl inlays, premium bookmatched Brazilian rosewood back, sides and headplate, and Brazilian inlays in the top, rosette, side and back.

Martin guitars sound beam struture

1.Standard "X" Non-Scalloped
Non-scalloped bracing allows the top to vibrate yet keeps it stable.
Utilized on guitars constructed with a dovetail neck joint.
2.Standard "X" Scalloped
Removal of select brace material reduces brace mass. The top vibrates more freely yet remains stable.
Utilized on guitars constructed with a dovetail neck joint.

Martin HD-28-Terrific Guitar and Even Better Service

I have had my Martin HD-28 for 3 weeks and I have fallen in love with it. It is well balanced with great low end clarity. It has a deep rich tone for both fingerpicking and strumming.

Martin HD-28-Terrific Guitar and Even Better Service

For me my HD-28 is more than a guitar. I'm very gratefull that I had enough money to buy one. It has become an instrument I play and care with respect.

In the meantime it has given me new melodies for writing other songs.

Martin HD28 Natural

 It's so worth it though. There is nothing like feeling your music. I debated on this or the standard 28, but you are spending a lot anyway,

go the extra bit and get the appointments. If you are doing the three year financing it's only a little more per month and with it. It's a beauty and a joy.

Martin OO-42SC JM model

The Martin OO-42SC JM model is an amazing instrument. The guitar is a piece of art. Martin put care, attention and creativity into every inch of this guitar.  

My Martin D28

Obviously I knew a d28 is the standard of dreds but honestly, I was not prepared for the quality and amazing sound that this Martin delivered.

The finish is better in person and it's honestly the best sounding and playing acoustic I have ever laid my hands on.

I'll be adding an internal passive pickup at some point but besides that and a strap button, this is all the acoustic I'll ever need. 

At last,I am absolutely thrilled and in love with my new Martin D-28.    

Natural acoustic guitars -Chinese cheap acoustic guitars

Here I'd like to tell all of friends from all over the world :

We can provide you with high quality with various brands of acoustic guitars 

and electric guitars , we can also build/customize guitars according to you 

speicial need. You can add your name ,you design on the headstock or fretboard, 

whatecer you like or you want , just tell me ,we can make it .

Perfekte Handwerkskunst in Aktion: Die Martin OM28 Gitarre

Die Martin OM28 Gitarre ist ein Instrument, das auf die lange Tradition des Gitarrenbaus zurückblickt.

Several common wood and wood guitar sound characteristics

When you go to buy a guitar, you'll find a variety of  guitars made of different wood Even if the same timber , will be used in different positions on the guitar . For the guitar value , expecially the acoustic guitar ,often crucial to selection , can not be ignored . For each music lover, to undertand the different characteristics of wood  is very important.

Several common wood and wood guitar sound characteristics

Several common wood and wood guitar sound characteristics,When you go to buy a guitar, you'll find a variety of  guitars made of different wood .Even if the same timber , will be used in different positions on the guitar . For the guitar value , expecially the acoustic guitar , often crucial to selection , can not be ignored . For each music lover, to undertand the different characteristics of wood  is very important.What kind of wood is suitable for making guitars ? Which position do they should be ?what effect will it have on the guitar ? Here is a simple talk aout it .

Taylor 914ce -how you play and what you play

Like other guitar lovers mostly enlightened by Oshio fingerstyle , first started selecting from Martin guitars . First took a fancy to GPCPA1,
but because of the uncertainty about pickup effect of sparring board sound,advising the owner of the guitar , the answer is : only a little ,
because basically  Martin does not have Mic pickups . If we consider the function of pickuo, he suggested that i took consideration of taylor 814ce ,

Taylor 914ce 2015 model ES2

i tried the new section 814ce , since the fredboard is not a pure black ebony , so i passed this guitar . But in fact, the scene feeling tone of 814 and 914 is so much like ,
at least more than 80% similarity .  And then i wanted to choose between the PS14 and 914ce ,
 because PS14 is COCOBOLO side and back , compare to 914ce , the volume is more soft ,is relatively better bass. But the price is shown there , meanwhile , PS14 is too gaudy ,I feel a little pompous, it was also passed . Also I tried several other customized version,
and finally locked up relatively well balanced 914CE. Of course, many of my friends ask,why I do not like Martin. Actually ,about this question , i don't want to talk about so much ,
because individually , i don't like Martin d-type , also do like very much bass.

The legendary D-28

It is a brand new Martin D-28! Martin, with its rich history as the oldest guitar company in the USA should certainly know how to build guitars that sound and perform beautifully, and this guitar is proof of the value of choosing experience and an iconic and classic design. The guitar does not disappoint on sound, setup, beauty, or hand feel - its really got stunning sustain, action, and play-ability. Some may prefer the louder sound of the HD-28, which is a great guitar too with extra volume for live performance, but the D-28 standard is no slouch in tone or volume either, despite the more solid bracing pattern, with a nuanced and balanced tone.

The legendary D-28

I ordered the D-28 Natural about a year ago,out of the box it's a good sounding guitar but nothing spectacular. Play it for a few days though and as it starts opening up you'll feel the urge of playing it more and more. After a couple of weeks you'll understand all the hype and mystique behind the D-28. Then you'll find out why it is considered THE standard steel stringed guitar but be prepared: After that aural bliss you'll probably lose some hours of sleep or even get a little sloppy with your day job. It'll be almost impossible to put it down.

What classic guitars do we have ?

t is the first guitar the Martin first produce Dreadnought guitar body?

Martin d28 though is not the best among all Martin guitars, many years past ,proved that it is the most popular and best selling  guitar ,

also the best value guitar which has very good reputation(compare to other guitars at similar price)

Taylor 914ce or Taylor 916ce ?

Guitar body of 916 is widers , the volume is higher, the other difference can be ignored. Mainly to see the guitar body type, 914 looks more delicate, abd if a larger body , then can use 916. If choose only from the body type and volume , the difference in volume is not obivious , when people playing will feel , and won't hear much difference if do not  pay attention , only to see what type you like .